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Take 8 Steps to Freedom from Anxiety through Meditative & Hypnosis Therapies

Meditative and Hypnotherapies are often key in releasing people permanently from anxiety issues.

The Overcoming Anixiety process includes eight important steps that are necessary to rid the sufferer of anxiety and instill a calm and focused attitude.

Step 1: Conquering Codependent Control Issues. Control issues may be at the root of many anxiety disorders. The first step in this program is getting control issues bridled so that you can move forward with dealing with anxiety.

Step 2: Dismantling Perfectionism. Perfectionism is fuel to the anxiety fire. Many people who suffer from anxiety disorders are perfectionists and are fearful of failure. The next step in the process to remove stress and anxiety is letting go of perfectionism.

Step 3: Releasing Resentment and Forgiving Others. When you harbor anger or resentment against others, it will often lead to problems such as anxiety. The third step in the Escape Anxiety program is to let go of toxic feelings and learn how Suzanne’s forgiveness made easy, can rapidly assist you in recovery.

Step 4: Surrendering Shame and Resentment: Forgiving Yourself. At the basis of many negative emotions is shame. This insidious emotion can poison your thoughts and lead to anxiety. Setting realistic expectations and getting rid of shame is an important step in healing.

Step 5: Defusing Catastrophic Thinking.

Known as “worry on steroids,” catastrophic thinking is a runaway mind train and fuels out of control anxiety. Defusing this type of thinking is very important for overall peace and mental health.

Step 6: Mastering Self-Regulation. When you can learn to regulate the intense physical reactions you have to your emotions, you will be much better able to control your thoughts and use appropriate responses. Suzanne gives easy tips to self-regulate by stopping a panic attack in it’s track!

Step 7: Making Conscious Choices about Your Emotions. Learning to make conscious choices about emotions is another big step in the Escape Anxiety process. Emotions can be deceiving, so it is important to have a full understanding of them so that they do not control us. We either control our emotions or they control us.

Step 8: Rewriting Your Internal Dialogue.

Internal Dialogue is what we tell ourselves about ourselves.

The final step in the Overcoming Anxiety program helps us to rewrite our internal dialogue to be supportive rather than destructive.

Implementing these eight steps can greatly reduce anxiety and help you live a better and more productive life. With the NEW BEGINNINGS - Overcoming Anxiety Program, you do not have to be a slave to anxiety or negative thought fueled emotions any longer!

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