New Beginnings – a New Celtic Symbol?

July 28, 2017




The so-called Celtic symbol for ‘new beginnings’ has been appearing more and more on the Web recently.


However, a quick search reveals that it doesn’t figure among the Celtic symbols that have been established and known for many hundreds of years.


It is not, in fact, a Celtic symbol at all, but a ‘zibu’ symbol created a few years ago by an artist who claims to have received a series of symbols from the angels.


Two questions spring to mind. Why is this symbol generally assumed to be of Celtic origin, and why, of all the series supposedly brought to us by the angels, is this one so popular?


The answer to the first question could be that our need for symbols is a need for archetypes, which, by their very nature, are not new but common to all the eras of mankind since the beginning.


The answer to the second could be that this particular symbol is a manifestation of one of our greatest needs in this troubled age – that of a new beginning?

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