Positive Affirmations Work Miracles

October 9, 2017



Our lives become shaped by the thoughts we replay in our heads—negative or positive, they have the power to shape the reality we experience. Positive affirmations work, because they have the miraculous ability to shift everything in our lives by shifting our perception.


I am the architect of my life. I build its foundation and choose its contents.


What are Affirmations?


An affirmation is the perceived truth, a limitless belief. It is a declaration to your body and mind that you know this to be true for yourself, which signals to the universe that you’re ready to extend this belief into the world.


Affirmations can be positive or negative. Positive affirmations are about increasing awareness and self-love, and invoking positive thoughts by repeating meaningful words and phrases with conviction.


The energy that you devote to the affirmation—and the positive supportive actions that stem from it—is what makes it a powerful force for good.


The Law of Attraction


Affirmations establish a profound communication with the universe, enacting an ancient and timeless law.


The Law of Attraction is an ancient concept of “giving to receive.” Whatever it is that you want, you must first give—without expectation, with sincerity and focus. What you focus on intently, and consistently, returns to you in one form or another, so long as you’re open to receiving the answers. It’s quite the opposite of our belief in scarcity.


In other words, you are a magnet. You attract what you think about and what you dwell on comes back to you. Though thoughts pass through the mind, our bodies and our lives take on what we consistently choose to think, quite literally.


Your thoughts are like seeds, nurtured by your own energy and feeling, which blossom into your life experiences. Your reality is ultimately the product of your dominant thought (and emotional) patterns.


A Recipe for Positive Affirmations

A recipe for successful affirmations goes like this:

  • 1 part Genuine Intention

  • 1 part Sincere Energy

  • 1 part Meaningful Spoken Word

  • 1 part Positive Action (more as needed)

  • A whole lot of LOVE and TRUST

Repeat daily for best results.


There’s more to an affirmation than saying words out loud, or silently in your head. The power of affirmations is activated when you:

  1. Set a clear, genuine intention for what it is you want

  2. Fuel your words with sincere energy

  3. Think and speak words that are meaningful to you

  4. Follow with positive action

  5. Repeat daily over an extended period of time (more than just a few days


Positive Affirmations Work (They Really, Really Do!)



The power of affirmations lies in their sincerity, meaning, repetition, and practice.


You must manufacture both awareness and patience for an affirmation to take form in your life. As you repeat an affirmation, you will become more aware of what thoughts, feelings, and behaviors bring you closer to your desired outcome, and what leads you away from it. This takes time.


Always make your statement in the present tense. The art of the spoken word is critical in crafting the future, yet affirmations are really about living in the present moment.


For example:


“I want to change” puts what you want just out of reach, in the future.


“I am willing to change” allows for a transformative experience right now.


By being open to change now, you have already begun to change. It is simple in concept and magnificent in results. It is also something that the Ego will strongly resist. Hence the need for practice and patience.


Shedding Light on the Ego


Time will resolve the initial conflict when a new, competing idea is introduced to your current state of mind.


If you affirm that “I love and accept myself,” but you have been listening to your ego’s insistence that you are not good enough, it is challenging to change this self-defeating belief. Positive affirmations threaten the safety of the ego, which will not readily give up its power. Nothing is impossible for the spirit, however.


Practicing affirmations is a means of bringing our fears to the surface so that light can be shed on them.


You must meet your fear face-to-face before you’re able to experience true change. When you practice meaningful affirmations with heart, you’re communicating to the universe that you are serious… and the universe will always support your sincere efforts to introduce positive change into your life.


The Shift Is the Miracle


When you practice affirmations with your head, heart, and hands, you’re really telling the universe that you’re open to change. What you’re ultimately aiming for, and what you will be granted, is a change in perception.


A shift in perception is a miracle; it literally changes the world as you see it.


When you choose the truths that speak to your highest self, you’ll know it by the way you feel.


When you’ve engaged in thought patterns that align with your desire, you’ll feel wonderful and you can know you’re connected to the flow of life. When you’re thinking consistently about the absence of your desire, you’ll feel bad and you can know you’re resisting the natural flow of who you really are.


Be open to the miracles along the way, by consciously guiding your thoughts in the direction that feels wonderful for you. That’s the soft place of allowing where miracles flourish.



  • What affirmations have worked for you in the past, and which are you repeating now?

  • What’s your secret/recipe for attracting happiness and igniting positive change in your life?


Please share your thoughts, lessons in attracting what you desire, favorite positive affirmations, and any inspiring stories of a positive shift with me in the comments.


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We all repeat affirmations to ourselves and the world every single day, and in every moment we’re asking for something. Ask for peace.


With love,





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