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C.Ht. Stacy Stiles  

New Beginnings



Changing Lives - One Thought At A Time

What If The Only Thing Standing Between You And A Life-Changing Breakthrough –

Is Just A Simple Change of YourThoughts?

Is It Time

For a New Beginning?

In today's hectic life, most people only experience a fraction of the fulfillment that they dream of; a secure happy family, financial prosperity, confidence, will power, self esteem and self love. Few seem to find a life filled with peace and inner joy. Though they try, their habits control them, their fears keep them from experiencing new adventures in life. For many, negative thinking clouds the positives experiences and anxieties weigh them down.

If you are searching for New Beginnings in your life, there is a proven method for re-awakening the healing forces within you. Hypnosis helps bring strength, confidence, peace, and success into your life.

Our subconscious mind controls our emotions, our self-esteem, our beliefs, our immune systems, and our bodies. It is filled with awesome mysteries of our past and the pathways to our future.

Hypnosis/Guided Imagery/ Guided meditations, NLP are all effective methods used to communicate with subconscious mind and direct it to the desires we have for ourselves.


Are you ready to live a better, happier and healthier life?  Are you ready for a change but can't quite follow through?  If so, you may be ready for the programs offered at New Beginnings Hypnotherapy. 

How Effective is Hypnosis - Hypnosis Success
Hypnotist Stacy Stiles in Sharon Pa

Hypnosis and behavioral coaching can help you change the way you think, act and feel to create a life you love. 

Contact Stacy 

today, to schedule your Discovery Consultation. 

Our Programs

Our programs follow proven effective protocols designed to help people eager to break free from the patterned thoughts and behaviors which undermine their full enjoyment of life. Your program is personalized by collaborating with you during your initial consultation.

Weight Loss Hypnosis in Sharon Pa - New Beginnings Hypnotherapy

Weight Management 

Gain the  motivation, confidence and determination to use the KEYS of WEIGHT LOSS, in your journey to reaching the size and weight that you feel most comfortable with. ​

Stop Smoking with Hypnosis in Sharon Pa - New Beginnings Hypnotherapy

Smoking Cessation

Quit Smoking naturally and permanently by changing your thoughts and desires about smoking.  Quitting isn't the solution.  Becoming a non-smoker is the key to never smoking again. 

Weight Loss Hypnosis in Sharon Pa - New Beginnings Hypnotherapy

Stress and Anxiety

With Hypnosis, you create a new, healthy response to the old situations that trigger anxious thoughts or feelings

Fears & Phobias

Hypnosis is an efficient, gentle, drug-free way to alleviate fear. Remain calm and relaxed in the presence of the fear stimulus


If you want to get rid of bad habits, and replace them with good ones, hypnosis is the most effective way to do it – and do it for good.

Sleep Well 

Hypnosis sessions for better sleep is a fast and incredibly effective insomnia treatment. If you can't sleep or suffer from chronic sleep problems, hypnosis can help. 

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Love Stories

Changes & Healing

Janell--Niles, Oh

“I am astounded at the changes and healing I experienced. Stacy's commitment is to guide and empower individuals through the transitions and transformations of life, not only bringing improved health and wellbeing but also to assist people in moving towards and achieving the full potential of who they can be – if this is what you are looking for then Stacy has very effective ways to assist

you. ”

Weight Lifted Off

Breanna--Poland, Oh

"Stacy has a soothing voice, an ability to calm.  I trusted her right away and I was able to open up and receive  the positive suggestions that we agreed on in our consultation. The things that use to weigh me down and stall my progress, no longer have power over me". 

The Whole Package

Rhonda-- Wexford,Pa

The truly Unique thing abut Stacy is that she gives you practical advice in addition to the amazing hypnotherapy work. She's the whole package. I whole heartedly recommend Stacy to anyone who wants to take things to another level of awareness and to focus on the results and not the problem.

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