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Hypnotherapist, Stacy Stiles 

Welcome to New Beginnings -- 

I am Certified Hypnotherapist, Stacy Stiles. My passion and mission in life is to TRANSFORM, EMPOWER and INSPIRE YOU to take charge of your WELL-BEING.

I help people on a one to one basis and group  programs and workshops.


I graduated from Slippery Rock University with both a Bachelor's and a Master's Degree in Education with an emphasis in Behavioral Modification.  

Certified Hypnotherapist Stacy Stiles, 10 years experience.  Assisting Clients with Weight Loss, Stopping Smoking, Anxiety Control, and Positive Life Changes

Since retiring from teaching, in the Laurel School District in 1991, I have further enhanced my education to include Complimentary Wellness practices for the Mind & Body.  As a Certified Hypnotherapist, I now utilize my natural talents and intuitive nature to educate and assist individuals in transforming their lives.

On completion of my Hypnotherapy certification training with C.Ht Master Keith Livingstone, in 2009,  I furthered my education and completed my practicum with Master Hypnotherapist/NLP Practitioner, Dr. Bill Stiles, founder/owner of The Hypnotherapy Clinic, located in Pittsburgh, Pa. After working at The Hypnotherapy Clinic, as a hypnotherapist-hypnotist and Behavioral Modification Coach for 3 years, I established my own Hypnotherapy practice, in Cranberry, Pa in 2012 and in 2016, I re-located that practice to Sharon, Pa, where I have continued to expand my practice to include multiple modalities for transitional healing and personal growth.

Through, hypnosis, visual imagery, guided meditation, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and Soul Journey classes, I have assisted hundreds of wonderful people in achieving their goals of life changes. Whether a client wants to improve their physical health by ending negative life choices, re-focus their inner thoughts for their mental well-being or go to the deeper realm of personal, professional or spiritual growth, there is a program that fits everyone's needs and personality. 

My focus is to connect you with a sense of balance and joy from within, to allow you to experience your life in a way that is uplifting and inspirational !

What I offer you-

  • Respect and value – I value you and the relationship we have as client and therapist

  • Utmost integrity and honesty– I value my ethics and integrity. I live my life according to my values and I work in a professional way. Being open and honest is an integral part of what I offer to you.

  • A safe place to heal – In our first session together, I gain some history and find out what got you to the stage where you feel something has to change. We will also discuss hypnosis and answer any questions you may have. At the end of the first session I will discuss how you feel and if you feel I am the right therapist for you. In life when we first meet somebody, it is not always a given that you will get on with that person, so it is important that you feel safe with me. There needs to be trust between us in order to do the deep healing work. I offer that safe place, where you can speak the unspeakable and access held in emotions and behaviors.

  • Awareness and insights into your behavior– You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge, so in our sessions we will build awareness of any subconscious patterns of behavior that are no longer serving you.

  • Working experientially and holistically– Working experientially or doing an experiment can feel exciting for some but scary for others. Yet I have found experiments to be something as simple as just trying something different. I often say ‘if you don’t do anything different, nothing with change’. Working experientially is holistic, as it offers you an opportunity to experience something different and to gain more connection between the mind, the body and the spirit. 


  • Confidentiality- What happens in the therapy room stays in the therapy room. The only variation to this commitment to you is if you disclose any child protection concerns or if you are going to harm yourself or somebody else.


  • Inspiration – I am passionate about my work. In fact it never feels like work at all. I love to pass on what I know and to offer you support so you can feel inspired and excited about your life.


  • An integrative approach – The use of NLP,  Hypnosis, Cognitive Behavioral Guidance, Guided Imagery are used to create positive life changes.

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