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Children  & Teen Testimonials

Children - Teen Hypnosis in Sharo, Pa - Stacy Stiles, C.Ht


Stacy, Thank you so much for helping Brianna get over her social anxiety. She has become a different girl.  She is going out more with friends and has joined two clubs in school. She no longer gets sick before parties or gatherings. Bri is so much more outgoing.  As a parent, her happiness was all I wanted for her. I can not tell you how wonderful it is to see her smile again. You have given her the understanding that she is unique and that it is okay to be who she is.   ~ Sherrie ~ 

Brianna-- Social Anxiety

Hannah -- Hair & Lash Pulling (trichotillomania)


I wanted to let you know that Hannah is no longer pulling her eye lashes and hair out.  Ever since her hypnosis session with you, that mindless habit has disappeared.  Her hair is starting to grow back and she is starting to enjoy wearing eye makeup.  Thanks for all the time you spent with her.   ~ R. Wess ~ 

Mark -- OCD -- Germophobia


It has been 4 years since you saw Mark, and I just wanted you to know that he is still in control of his germ phobia.  You were so wonderful in the way that you showed him so much compassion and understanding. He felt that for the first time, someone really heard him. Being free of that obsessive fear has opened his life up to many experiences that he would have missed out on. Because he  doesn't see disease in every situation he can live a happier life.  The constant hand washing  and showering is a thing of the past.  We will always be grateful to you.   

~  Emily  ~ 

David -- Anxiety 


Thank you so much for helping me to get control of my aniexty.  I never realized how much I focused on it.  Now that I recognize my own thoughts, I can easily turn them off with my trigger touch. It has been a great relief to know that there is nothing wrong with me. ~ David  Williams~ 

Brandon -- Fear of Sleeping Alone


Miss Stacy, my mom wanted me to write you a letter about how I have been.  I am feeling good at night.  I sleep in my own bed every night and I like having my own bed now.  I am not afraid of the dark anymore. I have drawn you a picture of me in my bedroom.  That is me sleeping with my dog, Ginger. (Brandon sent me a picture he drew of himself and his cockerspaniel sleeping together in his own bedroom ). I  have had 2 sleep overs  with my friends Justin and Adam and I stayed in my bedroom the whole night with them.  Chris couldn't come over because he broke his leg.  Thank you for helping me to not be afraid of the dark anymore.    ~  Brandon ~

Hypnosis to Overcome Fear of Sleeping Alone or In the Dark

Frankie -- School Anxiety

Stacy and her special way of bonding with her clients made for such a wonderful experience for my son.  He looked forward to his sessions and referred to them as his "adventure time".  Frankie is now a happy and well adjusted little boy who loves going to school.

 ~ John ~ 

Emma -- Excessive Worrying/Anxiety


Miss Stiles, I am writing to let you know that the hypnosis sesson you did with Emma has made such a big difference for her.  She loves to listen to her session at night.  Using her "Worry Tree" to hang her problems on, has given her a way to give up her anxieties and move on with her days.  We have actually gotten a "worry tree" for home (it was one of those little Easter Trees that you put on a counter to hang little eggs on).  When something is bothering her, she will draw a picture of it and hang it on the tree and say that it is gone and she easily moves on.  Her finger nails have grown back and she loves polishing them all the time.  ~ Rhonda M. ~ 

Tyler -- ADHD


Tyler had been diagnosed as ADHD when he was 6, and until he was 13 we tried every prescription available to help him focus and sit in school.  For years we continued to get calls saying that he was inattentive, and that he disrupted the class  on a regular basis.  We were frustrated and had just about given up.  We were considering homeschooling but Tyler didn't want to be seperated from his friends.  My sister suggested we try hypnosis.  I found New Beginnings Hypnotherapy on the internet.  Stacy seemed to have a special way of connecting with Tyler. When she explained to him how he had control of his body through the power of his own thoughts, he actually began to feel as if he could take control.  After each session, we would see a remarkable increase in his impulse control.   As a family, we also learned how we had actually encouraged the negative behaviors. It has been almost 2 years now and we no longer get those calls from school that we dreaded so much. Tyler is able to focus and concentrate in class.  Thank you, for believing in our son when others had given up.  ~ Tammy P~ 


* Disclaimer - All my testimonials have been submitted by my clients who have kindly chosen to endorse our work together. They reflect individual results and, results do vary from person to person, the effectiveness of treatments is unable to be guaranteed due to so many human factors but I will always work for the positive benefits of my clients*

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