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Weight Loss Testimonies

Eat to Live - Don't Live to Eat

Since my hypnosis, I have a totally different outlook in regards to what is important in life. I no longer see food as my right.  I now see food as my source of life and quality of life.  If I want a good life, I must feed my body good things.  My desire for the good foods is now stronger than any desire for the processed convenient foods. Finally, after 16 years of feeling entitled to eat whatever I want because I "deserve" it,  I now realize that I deserve to respect myself. I no longer hide behind someone else in pictures.  I am looking forward to shopping for a bathing suit for the first time in years.


  **ADDED NOTE** As of March 27th, I have lost 58 of the 75 lbs I want to lose. 

~ Natalie Fulton ~ 

Hypnosis Helps make Better Food Choices for Better Health

Healthy Body, Healthy Me

Before finding Stacy Stiles, I had tried every diet out there. I believed every "lose weight fast commercial" and spent thousands of dollars chasing the "magic weight loss cure".  After my first consultation with Stacy, I knew that all I had to change to lose the weight was my MIND.  Really, that was it!  Of course, changing ones mind after having had it set  in one direction for 41 years takes a little practice. But after 3 amazing  Weight Management sessions with Stacy, I found that my thoughts were focused on Healthy Body, Healthy Me.  That is MY MOTTO!  I have many years left to live and I do NOT want to live them in a FAT BODY!  


~ Linda Shirey ~ 

I Got My Life Back

Weighing  385 lbs made my life difficult.  Every  part of my body ached from carrying around the extra weight. I had no energy.  I was always tired. Too tired to play with my kids. Too tired to work around the house. My doctor told me that if I didn't lose the weight, I wasn't going to be around to see my kids graduate and get married. I went home and cried.  I cried for what I had done to myself and for what I had lost in my life by chosing food over health. I knew I had to lose weight and yet I couldn't resist eating that 3rd and 4th helping at EVERY meal. After finishing one meal, I started thinking about my NEXT meal. My sister recommended that I call Stacy. It was the best call I have ever made. She helped me to eliminate my obsession for food and to re-adjust my priorities in life.  This was more than just losing weight, it was about getting my life back.  Thank You Stacy!  

~  Brad Miller ~

Break Sugar Cravings with Hypnosis  -- New Beginnings Hypnosis located in Sharon Pa.

 Crushed My Sugar Cravings

After watching my two co-workers, lose weight week after week, I finally asked them how they were doing it.  When they told me about Stacy's weight loss hypnosis session they had gone to together, I called New Beginnings Hypnotherapy and attended a 1/2 day weight loss workshop. That was a great start for me. I lost 10 lbs in 3 weeks.  I also attended a private booster session for my sugar/sweets addiction.  It has never been easier for me to say no to sweets. I have a will power that I have never had before. 

 ~ Darleen Yohman ~ 

Beautiful Bride

Stacy, I just wanted you to know that I got to be the beautiful bride that I wanted to be.  To walk down the aisle a size 8, instead of the size 20 that I was when Daniel proposed to me, was a wonderful bonus to an already magical day.  My family from out-of-state, who hadn't see me in years, could NOT BELIEVE how much weight I had lost.  (I was always the fat cousin).  Thanks so much for all your encouragement.  I still listen to my hypnosis at least twice  a week.  I find that it helps me to stay focused on my motivation and my choices. I will send you some of the wedding pictures.  

  ~ Rachel Tanner-Morris ~ 

More Motivation

I will admit, I was very skeptical at first about using hypnosis to lose weight. It really made no sense to me how resting, listening to music and suggestions about weight loss could change my eating and exercise habits, but it works! It isn't magic, but it sure has done a great job in motivating me and keeping me on track.  I am down 27 lbs and I am looking forward to losing the other 33. 

~ Evan Kay ~   


 Graduation Transformation

Stacy, you know me.  I am not one for many words.  I just wanted to thank you for helping me to lose the weight before my son's graduation.  I just didn't want to face another gathering with everyone thinking how I had let myself go.  Also, the look on my exhusband's face was priceless. So, THANKS!  

 ~ Terry  Jordano ~ 

Inner Thin Creates Outer Thin

At New Beginnings Hypnotherapy, I learned so much about what really causes weight gain and weight loss.  It really does start in our minds.  I never knew how much old "baggage" I was carrying around and how it effected my eating habits.  I am now traveling down the path of my weight loss journey and I am loving every step. I feel so free to move forward!   As my inner thin of my thoughts have become the outer thin of my body, I feel such a great happiness.  Stacy, please stop by for a Reiki session as a thank you for all you have done for me

~ Tasha Lowery ~ 


* Disclaimer - All my testimonials have been submitted by my clients who have kindly chosen to endorse our work together. They reflect individual results and, results do vary from person to person, the effectiveness of treatments is unable to be guaranteed due to so many human factors but I will always work for the positive benefits of my clients*

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