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What to Expect and How to Prepare for Your Sessions

Thank you for choosing New Beginnings Hypnosis to help you create the changes that you would like in your life. Prior to coming for your session, please review the following helpful tips and tools that can help you get the most out of your session.


Hypnotherapy is not a magic button like one would think from stage hypnosis shows. It is a practice and therapeutic modality that utilizes a series of sessions to help you help yourself.  While many clients can see results within one session, many issues are like knots that are unravelled over a series of sessions. 

Think of hypnosis as a tool to help you change & see things differently. 



Hypnotherapy is a unique experience that we will create together. As the hypnotherapist I am here to help provide a pathway to entering into the hypnotic state, provide hypnotic suggestions while you are in the hypnotic state, and teach you tools that you can utilize outside of the hypnotic state. 

As the client your role is to come in with an open mind and willingness to participate. Clients who come in with a specific issue they would like to work on tend to have an easier time in the initial session building goals to work on in our sessions. A commitment to the process is imperative as hypnosis is a therapy and not a magic button. (Although we truly wish it could be) Outside of the session, we will attempt to raise your awareness to certain aspects of our session that can help us build upon the foundations of our first session. 


What to Expect in Our Discovery/Foundation Session


The first session will include the following: 

  1. Client presents what it is they would like to work on.

  2. I will discuss what hypnosis is, how it works, debunk the myths behind hypnosis, and explain the theory of the mind and answer any questions you have.

  3. We will discuss the presenting issue and create a plan

  4. Hypnotherapist will explain what does and does not happen in the hypnotic state

  5. We will do the first Foundation Hypnosis 


This is Your Journey. We are Here to Help You Map it!

By creating a plan we can help your mind build a roadmap to what life will be like when you achieve your goals. Hypnosis works by entering into the hypnotic state and then having hypnotic suggestions implanted into the mind. The efficacy of the suggestions is directly related to words, feelings, and experiences that resonate with you. Hence, why the wording of a suggestion is imperative. If the word CALM resonates more with you than CONTENT, the suggestion will be more powerful when we use language that makes sense to you.


Therefore, it is imperative that you complete the assigned homework before your sessions.


Your well-being is imperative and our top priority. 

If we believe there are components of our work together that are outside of the scope of our practice, this will be discussed with the client. We do not mean to offend any client. You are important and if we feel we can not help you. we will let you know so you can find the right help in your achieving your goals. We may recommend that the outside help of a medical doctor, psychiatrist, psychologists be consulted with, and at times a medical referral may be required in order for our work to continue. 

Hypnotherapy is not a substitute for medical or mental health treatments. New Begininngs Hypnosis does not practice medicine or psychotherapy, and our services are not a replacement for counseling, psychotherapy, psychiatric, or medical treatment. No treatment or products provided are intended to diagnose or treat any disease or illness, psychological or mental condition. 

Prepare for Your Sessions



Please  go over the following important information before coming to your appointment. 



 Wear comfortable clothing.  It is important that you are relaxed and comfortable during your hypnosis. 
 Eat before your appointment.   Depending on your needs, some sessions may be 2 1/2  hours.  You first session includes: Consultation, Instruction and Hypnosis. You may bring a small snack. There will be a short break between the consultation/educational portion and the hypnosis session. Depending on your program some sessions may be the same time length and some may be shorter.  
 Avoid having any pressing engagements directly after your session.   Though every effort is made to stay on schedule, there is always a chance that the days appointments may run late or your own session may go overtime. Please note that  group sessions tend to go over time due to the group participation and breaks required to accommodate personal needs.  
 Refrain from the consumption of alcohol before your appointment.  Hypnosis is NOT effective on a mind that is under the influence of alcohol.  
 Have ALL paperwork completed BEFORE your appointment and BRING it with you.  Be open with your answers, the more information you give, the more personalized your session will be. All information is private and confidential. 
 If you wear contacts, bring a case and solution, you may want to remove them for the hypnosis portion of appointment. 
 Confirm your appointment 2 working days before your scheduled appointment.  If your appointment is not confirmed, we will assume you changed your mind and we will cancel the appointment. Monday appointments must be confirmed by Thursday. 
 Be on time.  If you are more than 10 minutes late, your appointment may  be cancelled and you will have to reschedule.    


 If  you are unable to keep your appointment time, please cancel your appointment at least two business days in advance (this does not include weekends.  Monday appointments must be cancelled by 10:00 a.m. Thursday morning).   
 Payment is due at the time of service. Payments accepted are: Cash ( preferred), Checks, Money Order, Cashier's Check, Visa, Discover and Master Card, Debit Cards.  
 Guarantee and Refund Policy. Monetary Refunds are not given for services rendered, due to the nature of the therapy. New Beginnings cannot make any expressed or implied guarantees of results, in so far as human behavior cannot be predicted. (You can lead a human to water...but) Just as individuals vary, so do results, and that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Results are ultimately achieved through the client's own personal efforts at applying these techniques over time for which each client must accept full responsibility. Refunds for unused prepaid sessions will be given. 
 Come with a positive attitude and a desire to change.

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