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Providing Healing through Hypnosis, New Beginnings offers a serene, comfortable atmosphere. Whether it is a private, semi-private, group session, or workshop, our personalized attention focuses on the transformation and success of each individual.  


  • Private One-On-One sessions -- are for individuals who prefer a private and very tailored experience of counseling and hypnosis.  A private session, allows for more personal suggestions to be included in the hypnosis session.  There are many issues that can only be addressed with private sessions due to their personal nature or a client's personality.  They are available in single sessions and packages.  Packages have a multiple session discount . 

  • ​Our Private Friends & Family sessions -- are perfect for those clients who wish to accomplish a change in their life and know friends or family members who have the same goal and would like to share a session. This is a perfect time to set up a buddy system for weight loss or smoking cessation. These sessions are made up of people YOU KNOW PERSONALLY. Though less individualized than a Private 1 on 1 session, a Friends and Family Session is just as effective as a private session, as each participant has select targeted needs addressed in the hypnosis session. This class, allows a client to receive the same quality of hypnotherapy at a reduced price and in the comfort of friends and family. Success is sweeter when shared with others. If a the group consists of 4 or more individuals, they will receive the additional discount of a "small group".  


  • The group sessions -- are held for clients that have a basic common goal, and reaching that goal has similiar paths of behavior change.  Though more general in hypnotic suggestions, success is  achieved  the same as with a private or semi private but with the benefit of a larger discount.  Group sessions are the perfect sessions for weight loss, smoking cessation, general relaxation and several other issues.  A group consists of clients that we bring together for that session. These are small groups, consisting of  4 to 10 clients per session. 


Most issues can be resolved with 1 - 6  sessions and the Home Reinforcement Program. There are however, issues and personalities that may require reinforcement sessions to reach the full resolution desired. These sessions are "booster shots"  to the original hypnotherapy. The booster session is  a private session.  Because the ground work has already been laid, these sessions are of  shorter time frame, usually ranging from 45 min to 90 min. It may be a session of hypnotherapy, guided imagery or meditation session, or NLP -  depending on the client's needs of reinforcement.   The booster session must be supportive to a previous session and be scheduled within  6 months of the original therapy to receive the "booster session" fee.  Any reinforcement session scheduled beyond 6 months from the original session will be at the regular Private Session Fee.


  • Office, Organization and Corporate Discounts Available -- Discounted sessions are available for companies, offices and organizations. Health &Wellness Seminars and Therapies are now an important part of human resource programs, as companies recognize that employee health is a key ingredient of any successful enterprise.


Whether it is weight loss, smoking cessation, stress management, sales improvement or motivation.... experiencing hypnosis in groups settings or in mutual growth programs, can increase individual success rates because lifestyle changes are contagious! Being around people who are losing weight, makes you want to lose weight too. 


Organizing a wellness hypnosis program for your company, co-workers or organization is a great way to invest in health, pay lower insurance premiums. Session are available as private, semi-private or save money with group hypnosis discount packages. 

Hypnosis Sessions

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