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How Many Sessions Will I need? 

"How many sessions will I need", is probably the second most asked question when people are inquiring about hypnosis services. How much does it cost is the most asked. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer as to how many sessions you will need. 


Of course, based on what people perceive hypnosis to be (thanks to televeision) people feel that they can be hypnotised once and be on their way to full transition. Because each client's needs are different

  • You could experience full, complete change in just one session.

  • You may experience gradual change over a number of sessions leading to transformation/recovery.

How Many Hypnosis Sessions Will I Need


The number of hypnotherapy sessions you will need will depend on your individual situation. It is very rare that a person would require only one session.


Your subconscious mind is a complex infrastructure and it can take some time to find the source of your problem and correct it. The average number of times people see me for any given issue is about 2-3 sessions.

Mostly, I treat clients on a session by session basis, where they pay for sessions as they go. Weight loss and quit smoking hypnosis are an exception to this rule, and there are packages available for both of these transformations.


The amount of time that you need depends on the issue at hand, your willingness to explore the issue or what you want to change, the amount of work that needs to be done, the rate at which you and your subconscious are agreeable to make changes in your own outside of therapy process. It is also contingent on your trust in the process, the therapist, and yourself.

Most people ask the question, “How many sessions do I need?” more out of fear of being in therapy forever or the fear of it not actually working. And so, I would say to you to definitely educate yourself about hypnosis/hypnotherapy as much as possible and to realize that unlike "talk therapy" that can go on for years, hypnosis is really a quicker, solution-oriented therapy that focuses on tangible, measurable results.


For the most part, after about two or three sessions if you’re not seeing noticeable results and changes, I will usually question whether or not we should continue and possibly suggest termination of therapy together.

The best thing you can do for success is to relax into the experience.

Also keep in mind that positive self-change really is an investment in the life that you want to have. And so, spending money and time  towards self-development is really well spent because it’s helping you to develop yourself into being the kind of person that you want to be. And working your life toward being happier, more satisfied, and more fulfilled.  Ultimately, achieving a healthier life mentally, emotionally and physically really is priceless.

So, in answer to this question, “How many sessions do I need?”.........


I can’t give you a better answer than, that depends because it really does depend on what you need and how much effort it’s really going to take for you to take on these news skills, learning, and experiences in your life.

Long Term Sustainability

No matter the circumstances, a second session can be beneficial, even if you get the full change you desire after your first session. If you experience gradual change, then my advice is to keep going as it is working for you! 

There are a number of studies which allude to long term sustainable change being linked to reinforcement at, and during the early stages – the more reinforcement, the greater probability of long term success.   I do, however, understand that there is a cost to the client. This has to be balanced with the cost versus benefit question.

So what is the simple answer – approach therapy with an open mind and accept that if you want to improve your condition, then you may well need a number of sessions, 2 as a minimum.  You will know when you no longer need to continue your sessions.

My Promise

To help my clients, I have a very simple and straightforward promise. I promise that:

"I will do everything I can to help provide real, lasting, and sustainable change in as few sessions as is needed."

Results naturally vary from client to client and are not guaranteed. As with anything in life, the more attention, care, and effort on your part, the better your results.

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