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OverComing Stuttering 

"Stacy, thank you so much for the wonderful help you gave me on my nervous stammer. I feel that I am able to relax more when speaking to others than, I did in the past. I have been told that I am speaking slower and much more often. The CD was a tremendous help for reinforcement! " - T.L.

—  T.L. , Pittsburgh, PA

Love Letters

Meeting Stacy Stiles for our consultation, I knew we would get along well together. She had a warm presence and comfortable welcoming personality. She seemed to ask just the right questions in our sessions and I saw results rather quickly. I believe that when undergoing hypnotherapy, you have to trust the person guiding you through it. Part of the effectiveness of the treatment is allowing the person to take you to a relaxation level that you would not otherwise achieve. Stacy did that for me. Of all her talents that I have seen, I believe that her caring and inspired dialogue during hypnotherapy helped me the most. I recommend Stacy to anyone wanting to achieve their goals with someone that truly cares about them.


Warren, Ohio

I decided to try hypnotherapy to resolve anxiety. Working with Stacy, I felt that I was constructively moving towards healthy emotions and thinking. I learned the “power touch” as an actual physical technique for controlling anxiety. Stacy’s preparation for our sessions was insightful and intelligent. During session, she nurtured and coached me instead of merely listening. She applies a keen intuition and thus is able to conduct a richer conversation about the goals you wish to work on and the means to achieve them. I would recommend her as a true partner in attaining your therapeutic goals.


Boardman, Ohio



"I have tried every diet, every pill and every gadget for weight loss. I would lose it, then gain it back. After my weight loss hypnosis sessions with Stacy, not only did I lose the weight and keep it off for 3 years now, I found my way to healthier living. I feel younger and happier. I have so much more self - confidence. "


Rachel Baxter

“I wasn’t very satisfied with my life when I first contacted New Beginnings Hypnotherapy. Now, after just a few sessions, I feel like an entirely different person. I can’t recommend these sessions enough.”


Kevin Prentiss

"With just one session
with Stacy Stiles,
I overcame my life-long
fear of flying and was able to accept a promotion that required me to fly several times a month. "


Ann P. 

" I attended Stacy Stiles' group workshop session to
stop moking , over 10  years ago and I have been smoke free ever since!
She saved my life!


* Disclaimer - All my testimonials have been submitted by my clients who have kindly chosen to endorse our work together. They reflect individual results and, results do vary from person to person, the effectiveness of treatments is unable to be guaranteed due to so many human factors but I will always work for the positive benefits of my clients*

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