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Can ANYONE Be Hypnotized ?

Absolutely. There are only three requirements to be hypnotized:

  1. An IQ over 70. You must be reasonably sensible and able to understand what I am saying to you.

  2. Have an ability to follow suggestions.

  3. Have a willingness to want to change

In the course of my career as a hypnotist, I have met many people who say to me they cannot be hypnotized. That’s a false statement. The real statement they should be making (and I tell them this and they all agree) is I choose not to be hypnotized because the issue is still serving me in some way OR I did not trust the person I was with and therefore did not allow myself to fully relax.

As a hypnotherapist, I rule out these three requirements in our first talk. I do suggestibility testing to see how you respond to suggestions and I pick your brain a little to see if you really are ready for change and want to overcome this issue you are dealing with. If I feel unsure in any way with the way you respond, I will and do politely suggest that you take time to re-consider your decision for hypnosis and/or refer you to another type of service. 

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