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Any information gathered by Stacy Stiles, Hypnosis Practitioner, will not be shared or sold. 

Client Confidentiality

The relationship between hypnotist and client does not enjoy protection or privilege in the eyes of the law.  However, I voluntarily undertake to keep the purpose, content, and records of our meetings confidential unless otherwise required by law, either through subpoena or statute. I am legally and/or ethically obligated to report threats of violence to oneself or others, physical, sexual, emotional, fiduciary abuse or detrimental neglect of children, elders or other vulnerable individuals.  I am also obliged to report crimes, the knowledge of which, would imply complicity or accessory after the fact.



Client Responsibility

The use of hypnosis is completely voluntary and should be considered a complementary practice when it is being used to achieve goals that relate directly or indirectly to any physical or mental health concern.  When engaging in any complementary practice to treatment you may be receiving from a licensed medical or mental health professional, you should advise those professionals of your intent to utilize hypnosis.  It is also advised that you authorize such providers to communicate with me regarding any concerns they may have relevant to the application of hypnosis.

My practice of hypnosis is client-centered and based entirely on information provided by the client.  The efficacy of hypnosis relies on honesty.  As a complementary practice, hypnosis relies on your desire for and commitment to bringing about the changes you have specified.  This may mean supplementing our sessions with the practice of self-hypnosis (instruction provided), listening to recordings, record-keeping or other homework.

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