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Your Questions Answered

Frequently Asked Questions

What form of Payment Is Accepted?

We accept Cash, Cashier's Checks, Money Orders, Visa/Discover/Master Cards and Debit Cards. 

Do You Accept Insurance?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept insurance. Though most insurance companies see Hypnotherapy as Alternative Medicine and do not cover the cost of therapy, some Flex Spending accounts or Employer Wellness Programs may reimburse employees. Upon request, a statement will be provided for you to submit for possible reimbursement. Please check with your company.

Can Someone Stay With Me During  My Appointment?

With a private session, you can invite a support person to join you for the educational and informational portion of the appointment. During the hypnosis portion of your session, they will wait in the outer area for you. The person joining you should be someone that is going to be a positive influence for you and involved in your journey to healing & change. It is not required to have someone there, but it is an option. Because of limited seating, this option is not available for semi-private and group sessions.

How Long Will My Appointment Be?

The initial  Discovery Consultation will vary between 2 hrs to 2 1/2 hrs. So, it is a good idea to eat before you come. Paperwork is usually sent via email, completed at home and  returned to the office at the time of the appointment.  This first appointment will be spent discussing your issue & developing  an understanding of hypnosis. It will be determined at this time if you are a good candidate for hypnotherapy and  if it is suitable for your needs and issue. A client may opt to participate in a short relaxation hypnosis, at the conclusion of the Consultation  to experience what hypnosis is like for them.   Hypnosis, as an alternative self/life improvement method, is not for everyone. 

How Should I Dress For My Appointment?

COMFORTABLY!  You will experience your hypnosis in a very relaxing, comfortable recliner. You  may bring slippers, a favorite pillow  or anything else that you use to relax while at home.  A blanket will be provided for those that like to snuggle. 

Will I Be Able To Drive After My Appointment?

Yes, there are no side affects of hypnosis other than feeling very relaxed. Many clients often feel more refreshed after a therapy session.

What Is The 21 Day Reinforcement Program?

It takes 21 days of repetition, of thought and/or actions, to make or break any habit. The hypnosis session is just the beginning of your healing. Hypnotherapy lays the ground work for the change, by creating the new beliefs. The 21 day reinforcement portion of the program strengthens those beliefs into becoming a new pattern of thinking, believing and living. You  will receive downloads of your hypnosis sessions, and additional downloads that support and reinforce your mind in the direction of the changes you want. Reinforcing your mind with affirmative statements through out the day that will encourage your inner change. Our beliefs only grow, when we think and talk about them. Each issue has it's own kit and will vary. Some issues may have supplemental workbooks, audios or supportive reading material.

How Many Sessions Will It Take To Reach My Goal?

Many people achieve their desired results with one session and utilizing the 21 Day Reinforcement Program. Depending on the issue and personality of a client other people need more than one session to make the changes they desire. However, it is not uncommon to see lasting positive change occur in less than 3 sessions. New Beginnings offers various programs that range from one to six sessions to meet the client's needs. An initial session is usually 2 1/2 to 3 hours due to the consultation portion of the session. Following sessions may take 60 to 75 minutes .

How Can I Ensure Success With My Program?

After you have established your positive goal desires, you must…


1. WANT to make a change,

2. BELIEVE you can make the change,

3. EXPECT that you will succeed, and

4. FOLLOW THROUGH with all suggested “assignments.”

What  Is Your Refund Policy?

New Beginnings can not make any expressed or implied guarantees of results, in so far as human behavior cannot be predicted. (You can lead a human to water...but) The public is duly informed that as individuals vary, so do results, and that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Results are ultimately achieved through the client's own personal efforts at applying the hypnosis techniques over time for which each client must accept full responsibility. Hypnosis is not a quick fix or magic pill. A hypnotherapist is considered a guide or facilitator. You assume equal responsibility by making a commitment and allowing yourself to be guided into a state of hypnosis and to participate in post session reinforcement. No one can make you do something against your true will. I sincerely want you to succeed and pledge my efforts to help you to the best of my ability. However, because a client's true will and  post participation can not be tracked, refunds are not given. 

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